July 4th Tile-Making and Picnic a Hit!

The picnic and tile-making event on July 4 in the Friendship Pavilion in the Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park was a huge success.

The seven international artists, along with Cincinnati artists Jan Brown Checco and Nancy Johnson, created a set of interlinked individual ceramics pieces symbolizing their distinct national and individual styles and cultures brought together by the Clay, Color & Fire project.

The public was invited to join in and make tiles to be used as part of a faux fireplace within the Pavilion; the response was enthusiastic; the creativity expressed in the tiles was a delight to see.

If you missed it, you can enjoy the photos here.

And don't forget the Public Slide Lecture, Open Studio and Picnic on Saturday, July 12 starting at 2:00pm.

You'll find complete details here.

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