CCF Volunteers

Tilemaking Crew
Our tilemaking crew had a chance to get clay under their fingernails and to help Clay Color & Fire raise needed funds when they met at the workshop on July 11, 2003 to create a limited edition set of tiles that donors of over $40 will receive as a special "Thank you" for their contributions.

(left to right)
Meghan Betsch
Helen Rindsberg
Jan Checco, training the crew
Pat Reuter
Dan Reuter

(left to right)
Michiko Applebee
Kanako Shibata

Meet the artists (and get your own tile) on Friday, July 25 at Pendleton Arts Center.

Clay, Color & Fire is more than a ceramics project, it's an exercise in international communication, understanding and friendship.

Our skilled interpreters tear down the walls our languages build between us.

Arigato, gracias, merci, danke, ndatenda, xič xič ... THANK YOU

Yang Yan
Betty Hao Sun
Li Ying
Jian Xu
Bin Chen
Zhang Yong
Qianrui Wang
Scott Cheng Shigao
Beth Tu
Alexander Etlin
Mikiko Hirayama
Kanako Shibata
Bedicte Goldstein

Technical services
Carl Sandlin
Jay, Jim and Phil of the CPB

Meet the Artists Party
Kay Hurley, for her gracious invitation to share her studio space
Sandy Manteuffel
George-Ann Lawrence
Nada Huron
Jackie Weist
Brenda Tarbell
Pat Reuter
Gerald Checco
Dottie Garrabrandt
Mikiko Applebee
Miyuki Tauchi
Sachiko Mishima
Cath Gatch
Marilyn Braun
John Braun
Kanako Shibata
Yoshi Sakano
Janet Crawford
Dave Brokaw

And all of the other wonderful folks who helped in whatever way they could, whenever it was needed
In alphabetical order, because you're all equally wonderful, each in your own wonderful way

Corinne Peterson, Chicago
Jen Brenner
Beth Tu
Barb Coe
Deb Carle
Beth Irwin
Jackie Millay
Jackie Slone
Jancy Jaslow
Rosemary Topie
Jennifer Kennedy
Suzanne Lambert
Anna Johanson
Nancy Johanson
Roy Cartwright
Gerald Checco
Jim Fearing
Suzanne Fisher
Adam Gerhardstein
Benedicte Goldstein, Paris
Nancy Johanson
Florine Postell
Ellen Schaengold
Angelika Stiegler
Claire von Saucken
Sylvius von Saucken
Corbin Pomeranz
Marj Fries
Jackie Slone
Margo Vitarelli
Jay Axe

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